Луксозни маси от масивно дърво


Качество и стил

Дървени маси за хол
Производство на маси от дърво за трапезария

За нас

Луксозни маси от масивно дърво.

Преди много години мечтата на един човек се сбъдва да има собствена дърводелска работилница. Всички умения, които той е успял да усвои от старите майстори занаятчии сега служат за направата на ръчно изработени дървени маси от масив с уникален дизайн и стил. Производство на маси от дърво по поръчка.

Различен вид

Изработка на дървени маси от цяла дъска

Цяла дъска

Този вид маси се правят
с плот от една цяла дъска.

Изработка на дървени маси с мозайка


Маси от масивно дърво с
мозайка, вградена в горната част.

Изработка на дървени маси по поръчка

По поръчка

Дървени маси по
индивидуален проект.

Изработка на луксозни маси от масив


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„Yullian is an amazing woodworking artisan and craftsman. I looked a great deal for a table and decided on this because of its uniqueness. He made it especially based on our input of what we liked and we are overjoyed by the result. I cannot believe the value of this piece and I am hoping he will make me another piece. The whole ordering experience was seamless from start to delivery in Spain. An excellent experience. Thanks Yullian….“

Joan Ball from Etsy

„Yulian is one of the best true artists I’ve met on Etsy. I loved the 1st table he built for my home so much, he is currently imagining & building a 2nd table for me. I’m sure can make whatever you have dreamed up, but I’ve found that letting Yulian use his own aesthetic, along with the beauty of nature, yields incredible results. I am an inlay artist myself & if I see a very special talent & care in his work. It is special, & I feel lucky to have his work in my home. If I need a 3rd table, he’s got the job! If you are looking for something unique, made by a true artist who is also a very nice person, make an order with Yulian. It is a great experience.“

Donnie Knapp from Etsy

„Yulian is an incredible artist & craftsman. I have worked with him on 2 separate custom projects & it was truly a pleasure. He cares about his customers & his craft. His attention to detail is visible in every angle of his creations. I’m very proud to have his work in my home. If you have a chance to dream up a one of a kind piece of furniture with him, take it.“

Donnie Knapp from Etsy

Yulian makes the most beautiful tables. I couldn’t be happier with mine. I love the natural lines and colours of the wood. It’s gorgeous, unique and will last longer than me!“

Helena Etsy

„Lovely unique table, made and shipped within timescale. Excellent piece of furniture.“

neil561 Etsy