Wooden wall panel

Width: 38 см

Length: 61 см

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* This product is handcraft and is unique in itself. There may be a slight difference in each subsequent workmanship.

Oak and walnut wood panels are masterfully crafted pieces that combine the natural beauty of wood with sophisticated design. These panels are not just a decorative element, but a true art that can enrich any interior space.

Each wooden panel is made of high-quality oak and walnut, which are known for their durability and unique textures. The design of the oak and walnut panel is extremely elegant and modern. Their clean lines and the natural beauty of the wood make them suitable for different interior styles. In the production of the panels, ecologically sustainable methods and materials are used, thus emphasizing the commitment to the protection of nature.

Materials: Оak and walnut

Finish: natural wood oil, bee wax

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